THIRSTY: a novel by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Blog Tour Calendar

Want to follow Kristin on her around-the-world blog tour? Come on…see what she’s talking about today.

March 2010

March 19
“Debut Novelist Asks, ‘Where’s My Mojo?’”

January 2010

January 11
Writer Interview” at Writer Abroad

January 22
Q&A at Novel Journey

December 2009

December 1
An Interview with Kristin Bair O’Keeffe” at Writer Inspired

December 2
Mother/Daughter Reading...Before the Book Club” at Mother Daughter Book Club

December 3
Kristin’s 5 Favorite Books” at Mom-E-Centric

December 7
Reader Mama...Reader Daughter” at Ramblings of a Texas Housewife

December 8
An Interview with Kristin Bair O’Keeffe” at The Compulsive Reader

December 10
Writing & Creating the Geography of a Novel” at Beth Fish Reads

December 14
The Undomestic 10” at The Undomestic Goddess

December 15
Because of a Book” at Write for a Reader

November 2009

November 9
WOW! Women On Writing Blog, Interview

November 10
Ssshh, I’m in Writerhead” at Hell or High Water

November 11
“Thirsty for Success” at Word Hustler
Hosted by Anne Walls

November 14
Q&A at The Nervous Breakdown

November 16
Q&A at Readaholic

November 18
Congratulations! You’re a Mom and an Author” at

November 20
How to Launch a Debut Novel in the U.S. from China” at Bleeding Espresso

November 25
Q&A at Magdalena Ball

October 2009

Tuesday, October 13
“The Power of Perseverance” at “Editor Unleashed
Hosted by Maria Schneider

September 2009

Monday, September 14
The Journal of Cultural Conversation
Hosted by Laura Cococcia

Tuesday, September 29
Ask Wendy

Hosted by Wendy Burt

Author Exposure
Hosted by Libby and Trig

Wednesday, September 30
Writer Unboxed

Remember: If you’d like to involve Kristin in your book club discussion, please send a note to Kristin Bair O’Keeffe. Although she currently lives in Shanghai, China, she’d love to join you by phone (or in person if she’s traveling in the United States) if possible.